Is your ‘Boss’…the Leader…Missing in Action?

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When the Boss…Your Leader…is Missing in Action…don’t think for a moment that the followers haven’t noticed! When your Leader is Missing in Action…what are the words that you wish you could say? Perhaps…“I have very little patience for leaders who are disinclined to lead.” Those words are perfect… (from Missing in Action, by Peter David […]

HR Leaders & Safety Leaders: You Can’t Blow an Uncertain Trumpet!

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“The very essence of Leadership is that you have a vision. It’s got to be a vision you articulate clearly and forcefully on every occasion. You can’t blow an uncertain trumpet!” (This quote, by Theodore Hesburgh, sets the stage). Have you heard the rumbles and rumors about people who are appointed/promoted to supervisory/managerial positions but […]

Pivotal Moments in Time (Choice)

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Please think about some very important decision points (pivotal times) during your life—when the decisions you made would be/were critical to your life’s unfolding? What about the pivotal decisions we make about choosing a mate (or not), deciding on a career, determining where to live, discerning one’s life path? These are pivotal moments! And then […]

Non-profit HR Leadership: Are you poised to effectively move forward—and through those tough organizational conflicts? Here’s how to get extraordinary results—first, by identifying your hidden HR Elephants!

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Elephant 1

We all know that human capital is indeed mission-critical—that having the right people and the right processes, communications and systems in place makes a real difference in your organization. Underscore that all work in any organization happens because it is done through people—people interacting, communicating, doing (together)!     People, teams, groups, organizations can get messed […]

Leaders…Empowered by Choice!

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 Leaders…Empowered…by Choice! Leaders in business today face difficult challenges for which few are prepared. Conflict resolution, hiring, firing, people-management, hard-nosed business conversations, tough decisions, and confrontations, are just a few of the challenges—all of which can be addressed by “garnering courage” and learning the process of empowerment. That’s why I started Lights On! as my […]

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