My deep mission is to help organizations co-create their future, and build effectiveness along with kindness and humanity for the workplace. I work with Leaders in big ways, because I’m firmly committed to the fact that if you are a leader, you have to lead. If you are not leading, you need to step up and learn how to lead effectively. So, turning the Lights On! for getting whole-group clarity, coherence and cooperation in the workplace is what I do for Leaders and their organizations—that truly want to move forward with gusto.

Claire Knowles is known for her Effectiveness in Consulting with Leaders and Their Teams and in leading Group Workshops so that those involved can achieve extraordinary results. She helps organizations and groups openly and honestly grapple with the issues facing them. She engages everyone, using a proprietary process, and builds their commitment to success.

  • Feel like things are “out of control?”
  • Feel like you and your team are not making the progress you should be?
  • Is it difficult to get done the very things that you came together to do in the first place?
  • Does your group need to be rejuvenated?
  • Re-focused?
  • Are you struggling to survive?
  • Is there in-fighting?
  • Have you lost your focus? Sense of accomplishment?
  • Is the group exhibiting non-professionalism?
  • Is membership falling off?
  • Do you need to be re-grounded?
  • Do you keep spinning your wheels, and not achieving what you should? Is your group or organization stuck?
  • Is there incoherence, backbiting, undermining going on?

Praise for Claire’s Consulting and Her Success Workshops:

“Claire…I enjoy work again and I have hope! As far as organizations go, you lifted us up to another level. The level of professionalism, respect and teamwork has increased; the progress is remarkable. You woke our employees up! You made them aware of inappropriate negative behavior; their behaviors have been modified positively. The elephants were brought out into the open. The focus on serving our clientele has been underscored. You gave us steps to keep focused on these issues on an on-going basis. For your potential clients: If you feel that chaos (games, lack of teamwork, poor communication, unprofessional behavior) occurs too often with your employees, there is hope for a better, more humane workplace. Trust Claire…She knows what she’s doing.”
~Private Firm, Niagara Falls, NY
“I’ve been to workshops covering things like this before, but never have I seen it all come together like this.”
~ AK, The Synergy Group & 
Triple Track HR Partners, Williamsville, NY
“I would recommend this annually! I think it is important to take a break from the routine and re-discover yourself. Claire (presenter), you’re an outstanding workshop leader, who’s warmth and caring nature made us open up very easily. Thank you.”
~ A. L., Workshop participant in a Lights On! Success Workshop
“The work Claire did with our Zonta organization was important because it made us take a close look at some sad truths about our club operations. We made the changes required and are once more on track.”
~ PR, Zonta Club, Niagara Falls
“Dear Claire, just wanted to tell you once again how grateful we are for the time you spent with us today preparing the roadmap to help us make Zonta the club it was meant to be. I will do my best to help make this a reality. Thanks again for all your time and expertise spent so lavishly on us today.”
~ DW, Zonta Club, Niagara Falls
“Claire—I want to say how much I enjoyed our session on Thursday. It renewed my energy and appreciation for working here at this place, at this time and with these people. I especially liked the range of tones you can use to get your point across, from fun to dead serious…on the topic of discussing personnel issues with each other. You are a terrific trainer! Onward!”
~ N.G., Staff Leadership Interaction, Wellspring House, MA
“There is great value in your presentation, and in your work with us because of your ability to work with an Executive Director and a Board President to assess the real needs; and your ability to tailor the workshop to the group and even adjust throughout the workshop. You kept everyone engaged and on task. I think everyone was surprised that the day went by so quickly and they were left wanting more and inspired to move forward together. 
You helped us get focused on a larger picture with strategic plans and vision. You brought great energy and enthusiasm to the group and made them aware of how important their work is. Thank you, Claire”
~ JT, Effectiveness Workshop, Tonawanda, NY – YWCA
“Claire Knowles helped us to express and clarify our deepest reality, engaging board, staff, program participants and volunteers in the conversations. The process wasn’t easy; it disturbed some settled ideas, challenged us to experiment and discover; it revealed a healthy and leader-full organization, able to take on its future work with confidence.”
~ NS, Former Exec. Director,
Wellspring House, MA

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