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images Leaders…Empowered…by Choice!

Leaders in business today face difficult challenges for which few are prepared. Conflict resolution, hiring, firing, people-management, hard-nosed business conversations, tough decisions, and confrontations, are just a few of the challenges—all of which can be addressed by “garnering courage” and learning the process of empowerment. That’s why I started Lights On! as my business—both Success Workshops and “Lights On!”—the book. When business leaders and entrepreneurs (especially women) can see the path before them with clarity, that is, “with their lights on!”—and walk it with courage, it makes all the difference for achieving extraordinary results.

How do I know? For 33+ years I prospered in the corporate world—specifically turning the “lights on” to resolving conflict and learning how to courageously step-in, un-tangle, un-frazzle and find positive ways through those tough tensions. I know why a woman’s managerial courage skills are so important, and what happens when they are weak—indecision, dysfunction, chaos, turmoil, festering problems, unresolved issues, troubles! Can you relate?

It doesn’t have to be that way! You don’t have to grumble under your breath as you leave work, or fear facing that wicked, recurring problem, or tremble over the overdue conversation that’s got your name on it! You can courageously move through those fearful situations when you’ve got your “lights on.” You can be an empowered leader – by choice!

3 Things You Can Do Right Now…..

1. Read the Article Where Do You Stop? What’s That Wall All About? (Available free from my website). Acknowledge (for yourself) where you are. Be honest as you think about your organization, your leadership, real performance per goals, and how things are going in contrast to the potential for how things could be! Where do you stop? Where does the organization stop? Think about what is getting in the way of moving forward. Take the time for this leader-introspection.

2. Check out my Amazon-best-selling Books: “Lights On!” and also “Can You See Them Now? Elephants in our Midst.” (Can you identify the real elephants/barriers that are preventing you or your organization from moving forward? Let’s talk!)

3. Contact me for a free 20-minute Organizational Rescue Session: “Detangle and Get Your Life Back… Have Sanity and Success.” Let’s talk about the barriers you’re up against and what Lights we can turn on together to make YOUR path forward much more clear! Just call 716-622-7753

Intrigued…but not sure what to do? Afraid to say those words that… “Things in my organization are all tangled up?” Or that “This place is driving me &%$#* crazy?” or “Why can’t we just move forward?” I don’t know why these people don’t get it….we’ve got to move…don’t they see?” or “We’ve got elephants under the rug and don’t know how to lift them up, let alone address them? Sound familiar??????

Do you really want to get your Life Back? To regain your Sanity….while at the same time, Lead your Organization to Success?

You can! Yes….you can end your midnight misery….and stop losing sleep…You can feel good about the good work your Team, Group, Organization can do together!!!

I’m Claire Knowles, creator of Lights On! I know what struggling to make good things happen with groups is all about. My career was in Corporate H.R. and Labor Relations. Many a night I spent burning the midnight oil figuring out how I would resolve the crises upon me at the time…where people were pitted against each other in conflict. Or how would I get people to work together when they were at odds? Or how could we make what needed to happen…happen quickly…while allowing everyone to save face at the same time?

It is time! Contact me for a free 20-minute Organizational Rescue Session: “Detangle and Get Your Life Back… Have Sanity and Success.” Let’s talk about the barriers you’re up against and what Lights we can turn on together to make YOUR path forward much more clear! 716-622-7753

Claire Knowles

Are there “troublesome elephants” lurking in your Organization?
Are you yet ready and willing to address them?
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