Integrity Is…as Integrity Does!


Integrity Integrity Does!A 10-page E-Pamphlet…One in a Series on What Matters in Life
by Claire Knowles

IT HAS BEEN SAID that “integrity” is difficult to define, yet most of us can recognize it in another person. The word “integrity” is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions. (It is the opposite of hypocrisy!)

IT HAS BEEN SAID that the true test of a person’s character (integrity) is what he/she does when no one is watching.” How do you rate on Integrity?

Find out What it really means…and How to take it up a notch….Soon you’ll be even better at recognizing and changing how you show up!

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How to Be a Leader in Life


How to Be a Leader in LifeA 15-page E-Pamphlet – Two in a Series – on What Matters in Life
By Claire Knowles

Are you a Leader? At Home? With your Family? In your Work? In your Community?
How about being an even better Leader in Life!

You are your life manager. You Lead your own life—no one else can lead your life but you. So if you are off track or not happy with the results you are getting, guess who has to get on the ball? That’s right! YOU!

Find out here: Growing Leader Influence: How do I Lift Up My Confidence and Abilities to new levels? How Do I become a Leader?

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Dealing with Criticism – How to Deal with People Judging You!


Dealing with CriticismA 16-page E-Pamphlet…Three in a Series — What Matters in Life
By Claire Knowles

Criticism: The act of passing judgment as to the merits of anything, faultfinding. And it hurts. Why? How do we overcome those old
wounds? Why do we get stuck? How do we lift ourselves up and overcome….moving ourselves up to higher knowing and emotional contentment?
It has been said that…Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain but it takes character and self control to be understanding and forgiving.

Find out here: How You Can Deal with People Judging You!

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What Matters In Life – Bundle

All three of these remarkable E-pamphlets
All 3 in the series on What Matters In Life
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5 Keys to Empowering Yourself and Others… Moving forward with your Lights On!


5 Keys to Empowering Yourself and OthersLife is here and it is now. You can step in to it, or not!

Either we meet it and we live it, or we miss it.

When YOU choose to be empowered, you won’t miss it. You will be all that you want to be! In this guide, you’ll learn the 5 specific keys to carry with you wherever you go—the keys that will empower you to open new doors, to accomplish even more as you travel your personal and professional paths.

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Learning from the Labyrinth: Three Secrets for Walking Your Path!


Learning from the LabyrinthThe Labyrinth is a gift available to every person—a metaphorical container that holds the space for us to have the “Conversation of Consequence” with oneself, with our partner, our family, our group, our organization, our world….wherever it is that we are willing to “step in, step up, and step out” again….to courageously change things for the better. This 7-page download guides you through. There’s only one way in and one way out; the deep secret lies in the center.

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Three Secrets to Untangling Your Organization…An Organizational Rescue Session … for Leader Sanity & Success


Three Secrets to Untangling Your Organization…Leadership is about leading…leading people…and leading people in a direction they understand and to which they become aligned. When things get crosswise, and trouble is brewing, there’s generally something happening—underneath—and that’s where the hidden elephants, the undiscussables are nesting. Your work as a leader is to lift up the hidden elephants, to make them visible and address them!

This 25-page e-packet provides just the right mix of questions, answers and how-to’s to regain your sanity and move forward!

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Testimonials…How to Make Them Work for Your Business & Increase Profits


Testimonials...How to Make Them Work for Your Business & Increase ProfitsWhy Collect and Use Testimonials? Because Testimonials can potentially generate more selling power than some of the best copy advertising that you have going for you. Why not let others blow your horn for you? Find out all about it in this hugely-informational report.

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Claire Knowles – Entrepreneur, Consultant, Best-Selling Author has this Mission in life: To help women, especially, to move forward with their Lights On! Claire’s downloadable products offered here, connect with her Lights On! message to “become the best we can be” as individuals, as teams, and to live fully in our personal and our professional lives.

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